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Njem Igbo Initiative is a socio-cultural, socio-economic, socio-political, non-governmental, not-for-profit, Pan-Igbo global movement that advocates the unity of the Igbo nation and the preservation of the Igbo culture across the globe.

Njem Igbo Initiative shall strive:–
1. To strengthen, encourage, preserve and promote the Igbo culture;
2. To encourage the collection, recording and transcription of all Igbo culture;
3. To promote indigenous learning and research in science, technology and the arts;
4. To stimulate and develop indigenous talents, skills and intellectual powers;
5. To promote self-respect, self-reliance and human dignity amongst members;
6. To build in the consciousness of our members the spirit of nationalism and patriotism;
7. To encourage the commitment of members to the ideals of a humane and egalitarian society;
8. To promote the interest of members in all that concerns their well-being and to protect their rights as individuals;
9. To continually organize culture-related events aimed at preserving the culture of Ndi Igbo across the globe;
10. To promote peaceful co-existence between Igbos and other ethnic nationalities within Igbo land and elsewhere;
11. To co-operate with other organizations in Nigeria, Africa and elsewhere, which share similar objectives;
12. To undertake any other activities that, in the opinion of the leadership, may promote the attainment of the stated aims and objectives of the Organization


The vision of Njem Igbo Initiative is the preservation and advancement of the noble cultural heritage of a United Igbo Nation.

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